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Anglogaze rolls off the tongue better, though if Döpfner makes Politico Europe do a prayer circle for Meloni and Manfred on European elections night, adding "Saxon" to it might come in handy.

To be fair to euro journalists, most not only marinate their brains in anglo content for work, but also consume vast amounts of anglo infotainment for fun and probably think this is the norm. That I too should know or care who Bordan Jeterson is, or the specific gerrymandering patterns of southern Florida. Twitter really is the worst thing that has ever happened to your profession.

This process of immersion is why I don't agree with the Everyone Speak English! approach. I also find it unambitious. If ARTE can produce content (European news included) in six languages that together cover nearly two thirds of all EU citizens, we can do better than just have an English-speaking Euro Times. It can have its uses, especially for elites' media consumption, but for the wider audience we should build a multilingual public European broadcaster. EBU already produces the most watched entertainment event on the planet. I don't want to hear about how it's impossible and expensive or that Viktor Orban will say no. Build it around him.

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